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Good riddenced 2020!

I hope the New Year so far is treating you nicely! As for me, I have to say so far so good. I would just like to remind everyone to please stay safe and continue chasing your dreams!

Now to assist with those dreams, I have been busy compiling a list of the digital (and physical) tools I use to run my online business. Lately, my blog has been a little off track and simply disorganized. 

…and I dislike disorganization. 

So, I set out in search of a plan to organize my blog. 

Organization has now become an important area in my life, and a big part on my list of goals I set out for myself this year. From the start of my blogging journey, I have tried several tools that have helped my blog run more effortlessly. Some I’ve liked, others …not so much.

After working on fortifying the tools that were helpful and eliminating all the others, I came up with this list.

These are all the tools I am currently using to run my blog. Of course, when I use either a method, tool or item, I like it to be versatile. Whatever I use that works for me I want to be able to use them in other areas of my life or business. 

Which means, some of these tools you can use in other areas of your life to help with organization.

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Web hosting

Starting our list off is a reliable web host. You can’t build a blog without a website. Even if your running a standard business, having a website is HUGE to help boost your credibility, reputation and professionalism. 

There are plenty of web hosts out there that can help run your site. Selecting the right one for you will depend on yourself. You will need to do your research in what your looking for.

What I WILL tell you though, is to get the best out of your blog or business you need to be self hosted. 

Having a self hosted website will allow you to properly monetize your site. Even though it’s not only about the money, a self hosted website allows you to truly OWN your website in order to give you that opportunity. 

To compare.

A free site does not allow you to make money. Free site platforms can close your site down without notice. 

In conclusion, set yourself up for the proper success you deserve and invest in self hosting 

Here are a list of the Best Web Hosting:


This amazing site is perfect for organizing your thoughts, ideas and drafts. According to Google, “Trello is a web-based kanban-style list-making application.” 

This amazing tool is what I use to organize all my ideas for my blog, social media posts, google doc links, EVERYTHING you can think of. I went ahead and purchased an AMAZING Social Media scheduling course from Christi Bernard over at

The course cost me $37 which helped me schedule my social media posts. Christi shows you exactly how she uses this system together with her Google calendar to schedule her posts up to 6 months out. Its absolutely amazing.

You can purchase her amazing course by clicking here.


You have probably heard many bloggers talk about this. Tailwind is an automated scheduling software for Pinterest and Instagram that is used by MANY MANY bloggers. Including me. I LOVE TAILWIND!

“But, Liliana I want to grow my blog not my Pinterest!”

This neat little tool is what honestly put me on the map through my Pinterest account. More on Pinterest later.


As of now, I’ve mainly used this tool for scheduling my Pinterest posts which is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. I will shortly start using Tailwind for my instagram account, but I’m not quite ready to focus on my Instagram just yet. But, I will keep you posted for sure!

Ultimate Bundles

Knowledge is key in various walks of life. The more you learn the more you gain. When I started I put in so much time and effort to learn about running a blog. Now it’s true what they say there is free knowledge on the internet. 

The problem is, a lot of precious time will be spent searching the internet for answers. You will have to decipher the information and put them in order like a jigsaw puzzle. You will find yourself going back and forth. I know because I have been there…for 2 years.

I am the type of person that if I get into something that takes to much time, I start to procrastinate. I need structured information given to me in order to maintain my attention. 

Learn to blog correctly so you can save time and earn money.

So I bit the bullet…and purchased Bundles back in early 2019. In all transparency, I would have purchased this back in 2017 when I first started…I was skeptical I would NOT have waited until 2019 to get Ultimate Bundles. If I would of found out about Ultimate Bundles earlier in my search, I could of really saved my time …2 years to be exact.

Precious time I could of spent promoting, growing and monetizing my blog properly.

One of my managers once told me, Work smarter not harder

Boooooy, how that quote stuck with me.

When you put work into doing what you love, you want to see the fruits of your labor, right? 

I found that ultimate Bundles really does help you learn from successful bloggers. Blogger that (started off just like you and me) that have already gone through it all in their blogging journey. Blogging experts that know what it takes to build and run a successful blog. These bloggers came together to build a blogging source that lays out all the strategies needed for your blogging journey. 

Think of Ultimate Bundle as an encyclopedia of tips and tricks from expert bloggers providing a piece of their knowledge. That is what led to my decision in purchasing because why not? I’m on the path of seeking knowledge to be successful. 

I purchased the Ultimate Bundles myself and I was blown away by the stream of knowledge. I have come to found Ultimate Bundles extremely educational in more ways than one. I believe it’s definitely worth it.

Supscribe to be in the loop. Because when it comes to building all that knowledge in one portal, it takes time. That is why Ultimate bundles is only available seasonly. 


Do you know All those pretty graphics I have for each blog post? I created them in Canva! 

Perfect for newbies. Easy graphic design for your website pictures and graphics. I have used Canva now for 4 years. They are simply amazing! 

They also offer monthly plans (here) if you want to be boujee. But, I am on a budget so i’ll stick to the free version for now. 

Google (Doc's, Calender, Notes)

I Use most of the google applications. I have my Google calender, Google analytics, Google documents, and google adsence!

Notebook & Pencils

Ahh.. we’ve arrived at the final and the physical tool of this list. 

Nothing beats the good ol’ fashion notebook and pencil. Pencils are erasable, easier to edit. These are a HUGE necessity. You will need a space to write down your ideas and lessons you learn along the way to refer back too.

I personally have about 3 notebooks I use. One is a standard college lined journal I use as a scrap book for any quick Ideas. I carry this notebook with me everywhere in case I think of a great idea on the fly. Pretty much this notebook serves as a rough draft or my brain dump notebook. That I typically transfer to my Google Docs.

The next notebook, is a bullet journal that has the dotted pages. I use this notebook to transfer my more concrete ideas. I also use this book as an informal planner to track my social media stats, my blog post idea lists, anything and everything that would do best in a bullet journal. I feel like having this physically is a form of back up for your site. In case your computer crashes…you don’t want to loose all that hard work you’ve done.

The final notebook I carry is more for personal motivation. In this notebook I jot down any motivational quotes, lessons, goals I envision myself wanting to accomplish in my life as well as, prayers. It serves as my personal motivator to help me focus by allowing me a location to refer to when I’m feeling a little unmotivated, if you get my drift.   


WordPress is what essentially gives my blog a skeleton. If we didn’t have a skeleton, we would be a mess. I use WordPress to create and edit my blog posts. WordPress also allows me to manage the graphics and layout of my website. 


Reference: How to start your blog

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You build an online presence, work hard on growing your audience through your various social media outlets. Now its time to preserve your audience.

This is where Mailerlite comes in. 

Mailerlite is an online email automation platform that allows you to preserve all your email subscribers that sign up for your newsletters. 

I have selected Mailerlite to do the job for my blog subscribers. I gotta say so far, so good. 

Why is this important?

Well, when you work hard to grow your audience you want to be able to preserve your loyal followers outside of your social media. 

Let’s be honest here. Social Media outlets are amazing and are important for growing your following.

But, ultimately you are still using someone else’s platform. If by any chance at any moment these platforms decide to block, or worse, delete your profile (they certainly have that power) there goes your hard work. 

On the other hand, your email list is YOURS. These are your loyal followers that trusted you with their email to keep them updated on the status of your website’s  newsletters, promotions, posts, and updates. 

YOU OWN THIS LIST. No one can take it from you. 

You don’t have to start from zero.

Well this bring and end to the list of tools i use to run my blog and online business. With this arsenal I stay organized.

Let me know what you think in the comments down below, anything different you use to stay organize or feel free to share any blog posts or articles you have that can be helpful to everyone

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