The Best WordPress Plugins To Have For Your Blog

best wordpress plugins

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OK! You established your domain name, downloaded WordPress …now what?

It’s time to download the best plugins for your blog!

You may be asking, What the heck are plugins?

Plugins are downloadable extensions available within WordPress that allow you to set up specific functions within your website and WordPress itself. 

These functions allow you to customize your WordPress-website to make it easier to protect, promote, and, allow for smoother functionality.

There are many plugins to choose from. Word of caution though, you have to be careful with the plugins you download. Some plugins may have poorly written coding (in other words, “low quality”) that may clash with other plugins. This will weaken your website. This will your blog will become vulnerable to viral attacks.

Don’t worry, I have made it easy for you! I compiled a list of the best plugins for your blog that is absolutely needed to be successful in your blogging journey!

But first, If you have not read my previous post, I suggest you should!

In this post, I will teach you how to set up your own profitable blog writing about the things you love…
First on the list is Wordfence Security.

Begin your adventure protected. This is an antivirus for your website. There is a free version that provides basic protection, but as your website grows I high recommend upgrading to the Pro version.

Some features include:

Nonetheless, I have been using this plugin for years. It does it’s job zx c like it.
Next on the list is plugin I highly recommend to design your website. That’s right. I designed this website that your seeing with Elementor. I love how easy it is to synchronize this plugin with WordPress in order to design the entire website

This plugin is my favorite. It gives you the opportunity to place every component of your website wherever you want. 

Elementor is technically free, but there is a Pro version. Elementor Pro allows you to unlock different applications, not available in the free version, making it easy to design way more freely. Just do your research on which website template WordPress offers that best synchronizes with Elementor.

Backing up your WordPress is the best thing you can do for your blog. That’s where this plugin comes in. Updraft plus allows you to clone, backup, and restore your website data. You never want to be in a position where your website gets accidentally hacked/deleted and not have a backup. So, Updraft Plus is a must have to help protect your website.
Next, You want your website running up to speed. In other words, do you want your website to rank higher with search engines? Well this plugin helps with that.

Yes, good hosting and well-coded plugins are a must for fast preforming websites. Most importantly you want a plugin that helps increase your potential in ranking higher in search engine websites. Luckily, one of those plugins is W3 Total Cache. This is a performance optimizing plugin that improves SEO, which leads to higher ranking in search engines like Google. This is extremely important because a lot of plugins (you’ll see what I’m talking about) are geared towards helping with your search engine ranking. Higher ranking = more readers.

Trusted by some of the most known sites like Princeton University, NBA, Forbes and many more!

These are some of features this plugin offers:

You can read more about W3 Total Catch here.
Talking of speed, The WP OPTIMIZE plugin optimizes your website to load quickly and run smoothly for your readers. This is also huge for your website google ranking. Google loves fast loading websites!

Very simple. This plugin stops spam.

Protect your blog legally with the best legal bundle made directly from a lawyer for us bloggers.

I love this plugin. As a visual learner this allows me to visually see by a cute little green, yellow and red buttons.

These buttons tell you if your SEO is Good, Ok, or if it Needs improvement.

With this you can instantly see if your blog post needs tweaking all for your website ranking. See how ranking in search engines is becoming an important thing. 

But most importantly, this plugin allows you to customize your individual blog post AND pages descriptions for your Search engines to display.

This little app is a necessity for your blog. When your readers love your posts they will want to share it with the rest of their friends and family. So let’s make it easy for them to share your post on their social media. In other words, by giving your audience the opportunity to share your content you are allowing them to assist you in marketing your blog.

This is a plugin that can be downloaded and added to your WordPress dashboard. It’s technically free but if you want to customize the buttons with your colors then you will need to pay for the full version.

Pretty Links is extremely useful in shortening links (especially your affiliate links) you include in your website. This plugin also allows you to track your link clicks.

This is how Pretty Links can help you:


Cookies by DFactory Every blogger needs to show a cookie disclosure on their website. You see the little pop up that appears at the bottom of my pages? That is thanks to this little app.

All you have to do is download, activate and your good to go. 

When it’s time to update your website layout and design, you need to have a Coming Soon Page to notify your readers your page is currently under contruction to come back a better time. 

That is all for now folks. These are plugins I am currently using to maintain and up keep your website.

I hope this helps with narrowing down your plugin lists. Let me know in the comments below, what is the best plugin you have for your site!

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