On The Way To Florida

An unexpected adventure turned into a blessed reunion. My husband, Kyrillos, had a crazy idea to book this trip last minute.

How it all started… My husband has known for some time now that I was about to go into my small vacation time I had planned almost a year in advance. I had request Thursday to Saturday off from work (including Sunday, a total of 4-day vacation.)

I have been wanting to go to the beach, and Kyrillos was dead set on spending at least a night at the beach. We honestly wanted to travel outside of NC. We have been thinking about some options and last minute … like literally last minute, Wednesday night around 7-8 pm, my husband booked a trip to Daytona Beach Florida.

I was on my way back from work when he started telling me he’s about to do something crazy. Only condition we had was to pack that night because we were going to leave early morning the next day. Calls me to confirm, then book.

Shoot don’t have to tell me twice.


May 30, 2019 Daytona Beach

Come Thursday morning, We were on the road to Florida.

We arrived around 6 pm, on Thursday evening. We were staying at the Plaza Resort and Spa. Now I’m going, to be honest, the hotel was beautiful! But it really needed some TLC. Talk about leaks everywhere. Luckily not in my room, but you could definitely tell that there was/will be one soon.

If management would spend some serious money into remodeling the location or at least helping to preserve its history correctly, The Plaza would be one of the best.

Once checked in, the babies lead the way to our room. There we freshen up for an hour, then hit the boardwalk. We walked the stores with their overpriced adorable clothes. Not going to lie … they did have some cute stuff. Bought a cute sweater and a souvenir.

The night time view was amazing, but mornings were even better.


May 31, 2019 Daytona Beach

Friday was a day for the crazies and I’ll explain why in just a second. 

In the morning, we stopped to have a family breakfast at Ihop. We filled our bellies, then hit the beach. My husband decided to dig a huge hole to allow the kids, especially, Serena (our 1-yr old) to play in a makeshift pool. The reason for this was honestly to keep my youngest entertained because she is wild. LOL! As crazy .. and tiring…as it was, it was the best idea we did. They had a blast!

But that wasn’t the crazy part….

What was crazy was the fact that 4 hours into our beach trip we got POURED ON. Like I mean full on storm-like rain, thunderstorm the whole nine yards.

I will never forget looking over to see my husband and Bella hiding under the life guard seat. They looked like two starved, wet pigeons quickly finishing their Dip&Dots Icecream. All the while I was trying to wrangle the stroller with Marcus and Serena across the wet sand. 

There was another family with a tent behind us that were kind enough to offer us some asylum. We thought we were going to be o.k under the tent until the rain stopped….then the wind ripped the tent out of the sand. LOL!

I have to admit I was so mad at the time, but looking back now, the entire thing was just hilarious. 

We ended the night with some room service and Netflix.


June 1, 2019 Silver Glen Springs

Saturday was the big day and honestly the highlight of the entire trip. This day was the day I met my brothers that I have not seen in over 20 YEARS! As soon as, my husband booked the trip I called them up to make plans to meet. We agreed on Saturday to meet up at these beautiful springs called Silver Glen Springs.

A little history…I come from a large family. From mom and dad side it’s only My sister Karina, and I. But, from my dad side alone I have 5 older brothers and my sister Natasha, from what I know but that’s for another story.  

The only memories I had of these two was when I was 4 years old. In my living room of our old New York apartment, playing with my little horse figurines. Jeffery was the standard older brother who would lightly bully me from time to time in the typical brotherly fashion. Johnny was the sensitive quiet one. When our biological father decided not to pursue a relationship with them anymore….I lost communication with them completely.

Until a couple of years ago.

They found me on Facebook and we have stayed in communication since. Due to life challenges and me having my babies it was difficult to just outright plan a trip down south. But once my husband told me about our surprise trip, I immediately informed them. So here we are!

Silver Glen Springs was absolutely breath taking. It is an extension off of Lake George, in the Ocala National Forest. The springs is filled with clear, fresh cold water. There were so much beautiful fish swimming everywhere. In the center of the springs there was a small drop off that was about 14-15 feet or so and that is where the fish were swimming around. There are a ton of natural wildlife all around

Around the springs there were plenty of picnic areas and grills to enjoy an amazing family outing. Since the park is on an ancient burial ground there is no digging allowed , which means, the only restrooms available are outhouses. I suggest bringing a gallon of tap water to use for washing hands and stuff.

To best enjoy your swim here, I would high suggest the use to beach shoes or socks , and a snorkeling masks with a mouth piece. You also allowed to bring floats to just lounge around the water if you like. 

We finished our trip at Silver Glen Springs with a canoe ride down the river to Lake George.

Later that day we all headed back to Daytona Beach to spend the rest of the night exploring the city in golf carts.

Overall this trip was one of the best that I have been on. Not only the views were breath taking, but the entire experience was unbelievable. Seeing Johnny and Jeffery, who I have not seen in over 20 years, have been one of the best things I have done so far.

You heard mine so now I want to hear about yours! Please talk about your best experience in the comment section down below!

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