Must-Have Face Brushes You Need to Achieve The Best Makeup

When it comes to the makeup world, makeup brushes are a definite must in order to create that wonderful masterpiece you’re going for. The only thing is there are so many of them to choose from. It can get extremely confusing on which brushes are needed or for what purpose they are for.

Don’t worry I’m here to help! As I started writing out this post and doing my research, I’ve noticed this post would be extremely long if I wrote about all the main brushes all together. Instead, I figured it would be easier and less boring for you if I just create a 2 part makeup brush series!

So here is Part 1 of my makeup brushes 101 series: Must Have Face Brushes you need to achieve the best makeup, for those of you that are newbies to the makeup world.

This post will solely concentrate on face brushes. You can read up on Part 2: Must Have Eye Brushes Here.

With that being said let me clear something up real quick. You do not need all of the brushes mentioned in this series, but you will definitely need a couple to get started.

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Round Buffing Brush

If you are going to use just a brush instead of a beauty blender to apply your foundation I recommend using a round dense buffing brush. I find that even the “best” flat foundation brushes tend to leave your foundation streaky or uneven.

The best way to use flat foundation brushes is in combination with a beauty blender, which to me defeats the purpose. Might as well just use the beauty blender and that’s it.

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But, with a dense buffing brush, you apply your foundation just like the name states, by buffing makeup into your skin. This brush will just give you a beautiful airbrush finish.

Other Uses: Apply and/or blend your foundation, cream concealers, cream blushes, buff in powder foundations.

Recommended Buffing Brushes:

Foundation Brush

As mentioned before I personally do not like using this brush for foundation. Instead, I use this baby for applying concealer. Whenever I do a dramatic makeup look I would use this to precisely carve my concealer in places my beauty blender would not reach. Like the edge of my eyeshadow.

I would also use this to apply cream contours in precise places like the hollow of my cheeks.

Recommended Foundation Brushes:

Blush brush / Angled Face Brush

A fluffy Blush brush is used for what its name states: to apply blush. The fluffy blush brush gives you a very natural look. It also allows for a more precise application on the apples of your cheeks.

On the other hand, some people prefer the Angled Face Brush. Because of it’s shape, it allows for fast and easy blush application, which can be helpful to any novice makeup lover. The tapered end of this brush fits perfectly on the length of your cheekbones.

Other uses: Apply powder bronzers, contouring with powders, applying setting powders

Recommended Blush Brushes:

Recommended Angled Face Brushes:

Fan Brush

The Fan Brush, with its fan-shaped appearance, is a go-to highlighter brush for most. But, I personally do not use the fan brush for highlighting. In my opinion, I feel like this brush applies highlighter all over the place. I like my highlighter to be more precise that is why I use a different brush for highlighting, but more on that later. But, if you prefer this brush for highlighting – go for it. Whatever floats your boat ladies.

Fortunately, the Fan Brush has other useful uses. I use my fan brush to lightly dust away excess eyeshadow fallout. It is also used to dust away excess powder when baking my undereye area.

Other uses: hollow out your cheekbones and forehead with a light contour.

Recommended Fan Brushes:

Highlighter Brush

Instead of the infamous fan brush, I choose to use a tapered highlighting brush. Reason being is the fan brush for me applies the highlighter all over the place. I prefer a more controlled application for my highlight.

Imagine you put in so much work in creating your facial masterpiece just for it to get ruined because your highlight went everywhere. I’d be pretty pissed too, in fact, it has happened to me a couple times. That is why the tapered highlighting brush is my favorite.

Other uses: Apply precisely your powder contour.

Recommended Highlighting Brushes:

Concealer Brush

This little brush is perfect for applying concealer on a concentrated and detailed area. Want to carve out your eyebrows with concealer, cover up small blemishes, or apply eyeshadow primer? This is the brush that can do that.

Other uses: apply concealer to eyelids for the perfect cut crease.

Recommended Flat Concealer Brushes:

Lip Brush

Just like the name states, this brush is used to apply creme lipstick/gloss, mainly found in palette form. It has a precise application around the edges of your lips where you normally can’t reach with the traditional tube or wand. That is why this brush comes in extremely handy when creating the infamous red lip.

You can also use this brush to blend out multiple lip colors (like an ombre lip for example).

Recommended Lip Brushes:

This is it for Part 1: Must Have Face Brushes! Don’t forget to read Part 2: Must Have Eye Brushes. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below. What is your ride-or-die face brush?

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