Must-Have Eye Brushes You Need To Improve Your Eyeshadow

Welcome to Part 2 of my Makeup Brush 101 Series. In my last post, Part 1 Must-Have Face Brushes To Achieve the Best MakeupI spoke about the different types of face brushes and their different uses. Here we will dive into Eye Brushes! I’ve compiled a list of the Must Have Eye Brushes everyone needs to create their gorgeous looks.

Eye Brushes are used to apply eye makeup, from creams to powders. I have all types from blending brushes, shader brushes to smudge brushes. Furthermore, I just die when I come across a new eye brush that I don’t have.

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Unfortunately, we all know how intimidating it can be walking into a beauty store and staring at all the different types of brushes with no clue on what or how to use them. So, I have made it easy for you with a small guideline on the basic eye brushes and their uses to help you pick out what is best for you!

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Flat Shader Brush  

This should be your #1 basic eyeshadow brush to have in your collection. A Flat Shader Brush is used, mainly, to pack on eyeshadow on the lid.

With densely packed, flat, bristles and a round edge, it allows for precise and pigmented application of eyeshadow.

Recommended Flat Shader Brushes:

Blending Brush

Another brush staple is the Blending Brush. The fluffy hairs of this brush and rounded tip allows for perfect eyeshadow blending.

It will fit perfectly within your crease to blend out harsh lines or add more eyeshadow.

Recommended Blending Brushes:

Crease Brush

As the name states, this brush is used in the crease. Having dense bristles, rounded end, and small size, it fits perfectly in the crease for precise application.

The Crease brush is used to blend colors together and/or apply eyeshadow for a more dramatic crease.

Recommended Crease Brushes:

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Detail Brush

As for the detail brush, it has densely packed bristles with a round or pointed end. A detail brush is perfect for just what its name says – for detailed application. Additionally, it is perfect for applying highlight in the inner corners of your eyes, applying and intricate designs with your eyeshadows and much more.

Other uses: Can also be used to conceal blemishes.

Recommended Detail Brushes:

Brow Brush

For your brows, it’s seriously recommended to get yourself a Duo ended Brow Brush. On one end, you will find a small flat angled brush, and on the other end, a spoolie brush.

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To mimic your own brow hairs, apply your brow product with the angled brush side first, by creating small brush strokes in the direction of your natural hairs. Be sure to fill in any sparse areas throughout your brows.

Follow through with the spoolie to create a soft feathered effect by combing through your brow a couple times.

Other Uses:  Can also be used to apply liner, and comb through/apply mascara to lashes. Keep in mind though you will need to wash every time between uses if you plan on only using this tool for both eyeliner and brows.

Recommended Brow Brushes:

Angled Liner Brush

For a perfect and effortless winged eyeliner, it’s recommended to get yourself an Angled Liner Brush. With a small flat angle, it will fit perfectly with every eye shape and will literally do the work for you in creating a winged eyeliner.

Other Uses: Can be used to apply your brow cream and/or powders.

Recommended Angled Liner Brushes:

Pencil Brush

The Pencil Brush can also be used for detailed makeup application. It has a domed shape that comes to a pointed end with small dense bristles.

This brush can be used to apply or blend eyeshadow with detail precision. Another way this brush can be used to apply the product to the inner corners of your eyes.

Other Uses: Apply and blend eyeshadow to your lower lash line. Smudge out your eyeliner to create your favorite smokey eye. Apply highlight to detailed areas.

Recommended Pencil Brushes:

Smudger Brush

A Smudger Brush has a flat domed end with tightly packed bristles. For many people, this brush is used to smudge out eyeliner to achieve the perfect smokey eye.

Other uses: Apply and blend eyeshadow along the lash line.

Recommended Smudger Brushes:

That Concludes my Part 2 of Makeup Brush Series. I hope you found this guide helpful. What is your Favorite Eye Brush? Please let me know in the comments down below!

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