Is The PMD Worth It?

In one of the steps in my 5 Step Daily Skincare Routine blog post, I mentioned a popular facial procedure called the microdermabrasion. Well, I took the liberty to write out a post just for you on what exactly is a PMD, how to use it and my thoughts  on it. Keep reading to find out Is The PMD Worth IT?

is the pmd worth it

After some research, it’s said that a microdermabrasion is a minially invasive procedure that is suppose to renew the top layers of the skin by intense exfoliation. This procedure is meant to be safe for all skin types.

A Microdermabrasion procedure is suppose to reduce/eliminate the appearance of:

Most estheticians do the procedure with the use of machines specially made of an abrasive applicator and a vacuum. But those spa trips can turn out quite costly. A microdermabrasion can range anywhere from $130 to $200 a treatment. NOPE. But, I still wanted to try it.

So, I started to research some some more and found that you can actually purchase a machine that you can use yourself! 

It’s called the PMD.

Possibly every beauty guru and youtuber has talked about the PMD at some point. But for those who may not know would ask themselves what the hell is a PMD? Is the PMD worth it?

The PMD stands for Personal Microderm. It is a hand-held device that is meant to deliver spa-like results in the comfort of your home. 

Sounds like a corny TV commercial that is just trying to sell you some cheap shit, right? WRONG!

This little baby is a powerful machine that sucks and scrubs the crap out of your face, revealing baby smooth skin underneath. Personally, I have been keeping my eye on this machine since it came out a couple years ago. But, there was no way I was spending $400 on this at the time. 

So I waited. I am a VERY patient person with certain things, especially knowing it would go down in price eventually.

And it did.

This baby is now available on Amazon for about a fourth of the price! I purchased mine here for $159 dollars.

How It Works...


The PMD has a small disc surrounded by a hard see-through plastic bubble that you can unscrew to reveal the disc. 

There are two plastic covers, a small one for the face and a large one for the body.

The disc is the part that spins, exfoliating the face. While the rest of the machine creates the vacuum suction to suck the grime out of your pores.

WARNING: This machine is powerful. BE CAREFUL! it can cause damage if not used properly. only use ONCE A WEEK. And only pass an area on your face ONCE!

With that being said,  HIGHLY recommend you start with the lowest disc (the white one, as shown in the image below). Test it out on your arm first to give you an idea of how it feels. This will also allow you to practice driving it in one direction before using it on your face.

What To Do...

pmd usage


Cleanse your face thoroughly with  your favorite cleanser. You need to rid your face on any additional oils and dirt.


I always start from the bottom, my chin, and work my way up till my forehead. 

Just like the diagram to the left, always start from the center of your face and work your way towards your ears. With the exception of your nose



After, I would gently recleanse my face. I use the Body Shop Vitamin C facial peel to help remove any extra dead skin.

Once I’m done I just follow my normal skin care routine with toning and moisturizing. 

In Conclusion, is the PMD worth it?...

When used correctly, Most Definitely. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my face, especially when it came to my acne scars. I have noticed my skin more smoother allowing my makeup to look more flawless. My pores a lot smaller. I have also noticed this annoying wrinkle by my smile line less profound. I am happy with this little tool.

I would suggest reading and watching as many reviews as possible to get an idea of different people’s opinions before going the extra mile of purchasing the PMD.

But, in MY opinion the PMD is worth it. Because of my hispanic genes, my acne scars last for WEEKS but this tool next to my derma roller (more about this in a future blog) has changed my skin in a good way. I would definitely recommend this to any one looking to improve their skin.

If you tried it, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments down below for the next person looking to purchase!

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