How To Start A Blog The Simple Way

how to create a blog the simple way
You want to start a blog but have no idea how to do it?

Don’t worry my lovely people, I got you.

In this post, I will explain how to start a blog the simple way…

But before we start…

Why do you want to start a Blog?

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This is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a business.

 Just like any business…it takes guts. Running any business takes long hours up front for a beneficial pay off later. Trust me I know. So if you start a blog you need to start a blog with a business mentality. 

Go with it with a plan. 

You need to live and breath your blog. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to truly make a blog take off. I would be a liar if I were to tell you I’m making thousands. I’m not. BUT, I have already made all the money back and a little more total for my blog alone…when I became slightly serious with my blog before I had my baby. My mistake… I didn’t take my blog seriously. Lesson learned. 

It’s obvious my blog can make me money. So, I’d be a fool if I don’t see this through.

Remember all good things come to those with patience.Your blog will take off in due time. I can wait.

If you want to be truly profitable you have to dedicate time. Write about things that matter to you. Whatever your heart desires that will capture your audience’s attention and answers their questions. But always with honesty! …because losing the trust of your audience is the worst thing that can happen to you and your blog.

I am currently writing about subjects related to beauty, lifestyle and stuff about blogging. I don’t have a specific “niche” yet per say. But, I do have many blog post ideas concerning these subject. 

Always hustle for what you want. Now lets get to it!

1. It's time to think of a Domain Name.

This is going to be permanent, so think of a name that you want to stick to.  A name that will still be relevant to your blog in the future. In other words pick a name that will go with your “niche” or subject. For example, if in 5 years you don’t think you will write about food, then do not include food related keywords in your name. 

Pick a name that is short and catchy. A name that is easy to remember.

But, think of something that will fit YOU and the aesthetics of your blog, niche or expertise. You WILL NOT be able to change it later, because if you do you will disintagrate your ranking in all of the search engines you have worked hard to build.

It will be like starting all over again. This is not a good thing for my bloggers that are already established. 

Restarting your name -> will restart your ranking -> lose trust of Google = decrease in earnings.

You don’t want that to happen to you. So pick a good name…no pressure.

Once, you selected a name, make sure to check your name for availability. Bluehost has a lovely way of telling you if your name is available or taken. 

Optional: Come up with a tagline. 

This will make your post stand out and allow the audience a sneak peak on what your blog is about. I have kept mine simple: Beauty X Lifestyle X Blog

2. Get Yourself a Host.

You need to treat your blog like a business from the start. Once you pick a name your first step for your business is to become self-hosted. In other words, do not use a free service. 


Well first, your URL will not look professional, which can affect some sponsers later on. For example, when you use a site like, your url will look like something like this: 

Secondly, being self-hosted you will have much more flexibility to monetize your website. Being self-hosted will allow you to have more control over posting ads and affiliate links. 

When a blog is through websites with free hosting, your extremely limited to how you can monetize your website. 

What service am I currently using?

Blueshost is the domain host I am currently using to host this website. I have personally been with Bluehost now since 2015.

Why Bluehost?

Why Bluehost

It’s because they are awesome!

How to get started with Bluehost?
Bluehost Homescreen

Step 1

To start your blog you need a host. Blue host offers extremely affordable pricing Get started Here.

bluehost pricing

Step 2

This is where you will select your pricing based on the package you will want. I have the basic package. It offers some amazing features like a free ssl certificate.

Step 3

Next, you will enter the name for your website. Always aim for (.com).
This will be what we call the "Domain Name"

Step 4

Once your website Domain Name is set , it's time for payment. You do have to pay for the full term up front.
For someone who did go the extra mile for my business and has been with BlueHost for almost 4 years

3. Download WordPress

Once your domain and host is established, next you will need to download WordPress. YOU NEED WORDPRESS. This is where your blog will come to life. With wordpress you will be able to do everything from selecting a theme to creating your blog posts.
Pick a Theme

Speaking about customizing your website. You will now need to find a theme for your website. Just like those Myspace days, this is the step you find a general design for your website. Themes can be found for free on WordPress. They have a perfect selection on hundreds of websites to choose from. 

Eventually, after your site starts to grow, I suggest looking into purchasing a theme for your website that will handle more indepth customization. If you don’t know to much about CSS or HTML, then I suggest partnering up with a graphic designer to create a website that will be suitable for your needs. The more you grow the more professional your site should become.

4. Start Building Your Site

Now that you have a domain, established a theme, and downloaded WordPress, now it’s time to start putting together your website. This is where you need to set up the basics like your categories, your side bar and most importantly.. your legal pages.

This is an absolutely NECESSARY step for your website. 


This is not up for debate. 

You are going to need to set up your privacy policy, terms of use and other relevant disclosures needed to keep you legal and safe.

You can get legal pages by teaming up with a lawyer or download plugins that create legal pages for you. 


Honestly speaking, I highly recommend the legal bundle from A Self Guru. 

As your blog grows, you will need to be on top of your legal pages. This means staying up to date with tweaks and updates needed to always stay legal. This will help in case (God Forbid) you’re sued. 

As a business lawyer and six figure blogger Amira, from A Self Guru, has helped thousands of clients stay in compliance. This is why I recommend legal pages from A Self Guru because Amira, will always keep you informed on the latest legal updates done to the pages  she creates.  

Always protect your Investment.

5. Take the time to set up your email with your domain host

Take the time to set up your email with your domain host.

An email that looks like this: [email protected] is more professional than a gmail account like this: [email protected] 

Part of the reason why Bluehost is amazing, is because they offer free email. This will allow you to set up your email professionally via Bluehost

Once your email is set, this should become the portal to build your email list. Your email list is going to be key when monetizing your blog.

6. Last but not least, Write your first blog post!

Last and final step is to create edit and post your first blog post!

And there you have it guys.

An extremely simplified way to create a blog. I was able to get started with one, so should you. It really is not as intimidating as some people make it out to be. Do not listen to the norms or nay-sayers. 

It’s extremely easy to start one and the best part? You don’t have to be an engineer to do so. And even if you need a little bit of guidance, it’s nothing Youtube and Google can’t handle. I promise you it is really easy to do. 

So if you have been on the fence, don’t be. You will soon realize where to spend just the right amount of money to invest in your business and grow your blog.

If you liked this post, please feel free, to let me know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to include your blog or social media link down below for myself and others to explore

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