How To Get Clear Skin In 3 Steps

How to get clear skin in 3 steps?

Well, ever since life pressed play on my puberty button, it started a war against my skin. My young, naive, bare-faced, teenage self would have never thought that I would be set up to go against my life’s biggest (and most annoying) rival…acne.

Unfortunately, my acne is genetic. So the only sure way for me to completely get rid of it  (with ease) is through the use of hormonal medication such as birth control. But, medications like that have adverse side effects I DO NOT want to deal with. Such as terrible mood swings and extreme weight loss (no, not the good kind of weight loss, more like the I-look-like-im-dying kind of weight loss).

Nope nope nope. I’m not doing it.

So, after having my beautiful babies I decided on a tubal ligation (getting my tubes tied) to avoid having to ever take birth control again. Now, I knew the minute I decided to take this route my acne will flare up once again. And booooooy .. did it flare up

How my face looked like during my pregnancies.
(5 months pregnant with 2nd)

How to get clear skin in 3 steps

my face naturally with no hormonal medication
(4 months post-pregnancy after my last child)

How to get clear skin in 3 steps

Yikes! But that didn’t mean I was just going to give up. I decided since I will no longer count on birth control as the solution to my acne, I will have to seriously step my game up on my skin care routine.

After some trial and error, I have been able to set up a skincare routine that has drastically improved my skin.

How to get clear skin in 3 steps

LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE!!Let’s be realistic though … these results, I obtained in about 6 months. I still struggle from my occasional breakouts when Aunt flow is in town. But, I have power over my acne now more than ever.

Before we start I would like to seriously advise you to invest in a dermatologist because they will be able to pinpoint the exact problem causing your acne just like they did with me. I would of never known my acne was genetic without seeing a dermatologist.

So without further adieu, here is how to achieve clearer skin in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Drink A Lot of Water!

And I mean A LOT of water… about 3 liters a day. Water is the

How does water correlates to acne? 

Well, Water is the force behind the smooth, hydrated, gloss-like skin that you see on your favorite celebrities and Youtube beauty gurus.

It helps rinse and detox the skin from harmful impurities. Also improves complexion by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars. 

Aside from acne, drinking plenty of water has tons of other benefits like banishing headaches, migraines, body aches, alleviates constipation, prevents fatigue and so much more.  So DRINK YOUR WATER!

Staying hydrated is also essential for establishing a healthy workout regimen.

Which brings us to Step #2.

Step 2: Establish a Healthy Diet & Workout Regimen

You are what you eat! In other words, if you eat like crap you will feel and look like crap. Unfortunately, that is the brutal truth. 

When it comes to acne your diet has a huge part in it. Eat foods that are beneficial to your body. Alongside staying hydrated, making healthier choices, like eating more fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamins and minerals, are essential to skin rejuvenation. 

Detox your system by eating cleaner and your skin will thank you in the long run.

But diet is only 1/2 of step 2. 

The other half consists of setting up a balanced workout regimen. Working out is not only beneficial to the body but to your skin as well. By working out you increase your internal body temperature, which then causes the pores to “open up” by making you sweat. 

SWEATING IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL. But most importantly, sweating does wonders to your skin. It literally flushes out your pores from within. By sweating you are pushing out all the oil and dirt trapped in your pores. It is your body’s natural cleanser.

Working out also increases blood circulation, which is extremely beneficial for skin healing. This allows blood to deliver water, nutrients and minerals to flow easier to the surface of the skin which in turn helps with healing active acne and acne scars.

Step 3: Be on Top of your Skin Care Routine

Last but the most important step! 

YOU. CAN. NOT. WAIVER. ON. YOUR. SKINCARE. So get in the habit of establishing a good skincare routine.

Daily cleansing and prepping is essential in controlling that annoying acne. A good skincare does not have to be extravagant. A simple skincare routine pretty much consists of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing and spot treatment.

You are more than welcomed to include other treatments, like masks, facial peels and other facial treatments, but for now just stick to the basics. This way it will be a lot easier to get in the habit of your skincare routine.

Now for a more in-depth skincare routine check out my 5 Step Skincare Routine. In this post I go into depth with the steps I take and some of the main products I use that helped my face go from:




how to achieve clear skin

So don’t forget to check out my 5 step skincare routine to see how simple it is to set up a simple skincare routine.

Overall, staying hydrated, working out and staying on top of your skincare are all key factors in achieving clear skin. 

Feel free to tell me what else you guys do or use to keep your skin looking fresh in the comments down below!

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