7 Beauty Tools Every Girl Should Own

There are hundreds of different tools out there to use when it comes to the world of makeup. I’ve created a list of what I would consider 7 Must-Have Beauty Tools that every girl needs in their arsenal.

Normally, when we think of tools, we automatically think of all the makeup brushes and that’s it. In reality, there are a couple of other tools that we would need while trying to create our glorious facial masterpiece. So let’s get started!

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Bh cosmetics 11 Piece Makeup Brush Set

To start, of course, is pretty obvious. Makeup = brushes, no doubt about that. You pretty much need a couple of brushes to create a good look. They are used to seamlessly apply and blend out your products.


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Beauty Blender

This little magical sponge is an absolute must-have for any makeup enthusiast and artist.

The blending power of this little tool pretty much rivals an airbrush machine, but nowhere near the price of one. The beauty blender can also blend out all your cream products, and if done correctly, it can also apply your powder for baking.

The best method to use this little baby is by running it under water to let it absorb and expand. Then, squeeze out the excess water just enough so it’s damp and not soaked.

Any quality beauty blender will become twice as soft and grow in size once wet. All you do now is apply or blend out your products.

Eyelash Curler

Tweetermen ProCurl Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler is basically what it sounds like, it is used to curl your lashes, before mascara. It forms your lashes to stick upwards instead of outwards.

Together, with a good mascara, It can add volume to your lashes. Another way, it can be used to blend your own lashes with your falsies.

The best way to use an eyelash curler is to first start curling at the root, the middle, and the end of the lashes. It will give you a more define curl and will last longer throughout the day.

Personally, I like to pinch my lashes at the root for a couple seconds, being super careful not to pinch my actual skin. I hold the curler the longest at the root, and as I move the curler up the lashes, I lessen the hold. This for me results in a beautiful lash curl.

With that being said, the length of time you hold the curler closed is completely up to the type of lashes you possess.

If you have thin, easily bendable lashes then you would only hold the curler closed on each section for a small amount of time, like 5 seconds maybe. On the other hand, if you have lashes that point straight down and are stubborn curlers, then you may want to hold the curler for longer. 


Tweezerman Rose Gold Slant Tweezers

Tweezers are another little tool you will need in your stash. Of course, you use them mainly to pluck out those pesky brow hairs.

But, there are several other uses you can use tweezers for. One example, tweezers can be used to perfectly place your falsies on your own lashes.

They can also be used to put on a number of cosmetic decorations when you’re getting ready for that Halloween party you have been waiting for. The list is endless.

My favorite tweezers are these angled tweezers by Tweezerman.


Crystal Cat Ear Headband

The last thing you need is for your hair to get in your way when applying your foundation. That is where a headband comes in handy.

There are all kinds of different styles to choose from. It is completely up to you if you’d like a cat-eared headband or your standard wraparound headband.

Or, you can choose a thick enough headband that can protect your hair from any setting sprays you tend to set your makeup with.

WipesNeutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes

They are a MUST. All makeup, especially your creams and liquids, are of heavy/oil consistency.

No matter how light they claim to be, makeup ALWAYS works its way into your pores and is a “b” to remove, if you know what I mean. In order to prevent acne, you need to use something that can break down your makeup.

Makeup-Removing Wipes work specifically for that purpose, they help remove the bulk from your face so it’s easier for you to wash your face with your favorite cleanser.

Oops, Did you make a mistake? Wipe it off. Oops, makeup residue all over your hands? Go ahead and grab that wipe. Do you have 50 pounds of makeup on and just want a quick removal? Girl, go get your wipes!

Get my drift?

Q-tips/Cotton Balls/PadsJars of cotton balls and ear swabs : Free Stock Photo

Last but not least, You will need some cotton supplies. The trio of q-tips, Cotton balls, and/or cotton pads are also a necessity because they can be used for a number of different purposes.

Q-tips can be used to make detailed corrections. Like removing a certain part of eyeshadow, sculpting out your messy eyeliner, or even fixing your small mascara mistake.

Cotton balls and cotton pads, together with makeup remover, can be used to gently remove eyeshadow or that pesky waterproof mascara.

Another way they can be used is during your skincare routine. Use Q-tips to apply spot treatment creams.

Cotton balls and pads can be used to apply toner. Or if you’re finicky about touching your face with your hands, you can use them to apply moisturizer. They can also be used together with a cleanser to give you a gentle exfoliating effect that your hands can’t offer.

This pretty much concludes my 7 Must-Have Beauty Tools. As you can see there are several other beauty tools that you need aside from just makeup brushes. In the comments down below, let me know what other tools are a necessity to your beauty regime. And, tell me what other unique ways do you use these tools?

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