10 Tips To Get You Long Healthy Hair

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, looking at yourself in the mirror…your hair flawlessly tousled in a way you would think the Gods made it.



Some of us think that’s a luxury we simply cannot afford.

But, what if I tell you we can most certainly make it that way! With proper care and treatment, your hair can always stay gorgeous even on the messiest of days.

Here are 10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair no matter what!

1. Your NOT Drinking Enough Water.

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

First and foremost, you must stay HYDRATED. Water IS the holy grail for the body. Our bodies are made of about 70% water, so staying hydrated to have healthy hair is a must. Water flushes out toxins and waste from our cells, but, most importantly it feeds the circulatory system that feeds our hair.

So do the math.

Without water, your circulatory slows down. Which also slows down hydration and the delivery of vital nutrients to your beautiful tresses. This, in turn, makes your hair dry and brittle. So drink, and when you think you had enough water in a day, drink some more.

2. Brush Out Any Knots
BEFORE You Wash Your Hair.

Before sticking your locks in water, make sure to brush and detangle your hair thoroughly while it’s dry.

Reason being, your hair is at it’s most fragile point when wet. Breakage can easily happen due to the change in chemical composition our hair goes through once its wet.

I can go into much more anatomical detail as too how that change happens … but that would make this post extremely long. Just know that it’s a big NO-NO to pass a brush through your hair while wet.

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

However, you can use a large wide-tooth comb to quickly and gently detangle your hair while wet.

3. When Washing DO NOT
Bundle Your Hair On Top Of Your Head

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

When washing your hair, do not bundle it on top of your head This will tangle your hair. Just as I mentioned earlier, your hair is at it’s weakest point while wet. So by doing that you will cause friction that can lead to damage and breakage.

Instead, brush out your hair before you shower. After rinsing your hair, gently massage the shampoo into the roots/scalp and gently pull the shampoo down through the ends. Then rinse with warm water, start at the scalp and use your fingers to gently comb through the hair down to the ends. Repeat the same motion with your conditioner.

Quick Tip: Start the conditioner halfway down your hair so you don’t add unnecessary oils back to your roots. Your Hair will handle that all on its own.

4. Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

You can start your shower with warm water but after you finish shampooing and conditioning, go ahead and rinse your hair with cold water.


Warm water opens up the hair follicle and allows for the shampoo and conditioner to do its magic. But, when you rinse with cold water, it closes the hair follicle to seal in your conditioner and moisture. Thus, making your hair look shinier, healthier, and stronger.

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

5. Do Regular Hair Masks

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

Doing a deep conditioning mask regularly will help keep your hair moisturized, shinier, and conditioned for longer. Find out a good hair mask that is suited for your hair type. When in doubt consult your hairstylist.

My favorite mask right now is a coconut-castor oil mask which promotes conditioning, growth and helps prevent hair breakage.

6. Get Regular Trims

Do not skip out on this one. The end of your hair is much older and dryer then the hair found near your scalp. So, it is easily prone to damage which can lead the hair to look worse if you’re not careful.

By trimming your hair every couple months you help rid your self of any split ends. Split ends can work it’s way up the hair shaft and cause even more damage. Regular trims also help promote hair growth as well.

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

7. Make Sure You Have A Trustworthy Stylist

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

Finding yourself a good hairstylist that you trust to come close to your luscious locks with scissors, is a must. As mentioned previously about getting regular trims, you will need a trustworthy hairstylist to help you with that.

Hair Stylists are like doctors for your hair. An experienced stylist will always know what’s good for your hair. 

Aside from being able to style or color your hair, they can recommend products and care tips that are specific for your hair type. They can also guide you on any new products you plan on trying out.

So it’s important that you have a go-to trustworthy stylist for your hair needs.

8. Your Diet Matters

Follow a healthy, protein-rich, diet. When you start respecting your body like a sacred temple by eating a healthy and exercising, it will start to show.

The proper nutrients will feed your hair and promote healthy hair growth and strength to prevent hair breakage. By following a proper diet you will look more radiant, have more energy, but most importantly – your hair will look ALIVE, full of strength and shine!

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

9. Protect Your Hair From Heat

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

Always apply a heat protector before using any heat tools on your hair. 

(blow dryer, flat iron, curling wand … you get my drift?)

A heat protector will protect your hair by acting as a shield between your hair and your heat tools. This will drastically reduce the damage your heat tools can cause to your hair.

10. Change Your Pillowcase
From Cotton To Satin

Switching to a satin pillowcase will not only do wonders for your skin’s complexion but, it will also do wonders for your hair.

Traditional cotton pillowcases rob our hair and skin of much-needed moisture. Also, the cotton texture causes too much friction on our skin and hair which, as you guessed it, can lead to breakage.

Fortunately, when you switch to satin, the soft high-sheen texture allows you to slide seamlessly while you toss and turn at night. It does not rob you of moisture and does not allow your hair or skin to “cling” to its material.

10 tips to guarantee you healthy hair

Instead, it promotes hair shine, reduces hair frizz, prevents dullness, and prevents breakage. As an added bonus, satin pillowcases also reduce hair loss!

No clinging = no tugging = no unnecessary hair loss!

What is your favorite hair tip and trick?

If you loved my 10 Tips To Guarantee You Healthy Hair please let me know in the comments down below!

Please feel free to share with your fellow ladies that are probably struggling to achieve healthy vibrant looking hair.

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